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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Thank you for all of the emails! Next Friday we will be answering your questions here!


This weekend we are going to be out and about (click on the link for details).
Visalia (Delegate Training).

Sunday morning, we are heading over to Nick Nicita’s studio and do an internet radio interview. He is planning on asking me to spill about California Democratic Party revolutions from the inside.
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This is the campaign NOT backed by the billionaires – grass roots!
Remember, I fought Wall Street – I am not Wall Street 🙂


Walking the Walk on Ballot Challenges to Make 2020 Elections Better than 2019

Ballot Challenges are out of control. You know those three little words you see below a candidate’s name on the ballot? People can challenge those three little words by filing a paper in court. Today I argued before the California Court of Appeal that we need some precedent set because as it currently stands candidates are disparately treated depending on the county their challenge is heard in. I argued on behalf of all of those candidates in 2020 that will be hit with a vicious smear campaign. This is how we make our party better. This is how we grow our party stronger. This is how we Level-up. This is how we advance against the establishment. (Oral argument starts around 33 minute mark here). Orange County does not allow for an alternate ballot designation. That is apposite to other counties and I argued not in conformity with our law. When people don’t know who you are, how do you expect them to vote for you? It’s really that simple. Those three words are the only thing many voters know about the candidate at all when they vote down ballot. We will see if we get over the mootness doctrine.  
Would you prefer our annual convention extended to four or five days in length in order to give us more time to attend the various caucuses and standing committee meetings or would that be economically infeasible for you?
Choose one:
A. I would prefer to keep our annual convention Friday through Sunday.
B. I would prefer a four or five day convention.
C. I would prefer a four or five day convention but I cannot afford it.

HIT REPLY and let me know YOUR ANSWER!
Lenore Albert for CDP Chair 
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