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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

We’re dedicating our Grassroots Donor Wall to members of this team who chip in any amount.

Warren for President

It’s no secret that our campaign is powered by supporters chipping in what they can to own a piece of this movement.

So we’ve decided to take it a step further. When anyone walks into our headquarters in Boston, we want to be able to showcase the names of the fighters who make our campaign what it is: a grassroots movement fueled by the people, through and through.

That’s why we’re going to literally cover the walls of Warren HQ in Boston with the names of supporters who make this movement possible. Our new “Grassroots Donor Wall” will be a constant reminder of what — and who — our campaign is fighting for.

We’re dedicating our Grassroots Donor Wall to members of this team who chip in any amount today — will we see your name up there?

Chip in anything you can today to add your name to our Grassroots Donor Wall:

If you’ve saved payment info with ActBlue Express, your donation will process automatically:


Our donors are really important to everything we do.

When you make a donation, you’re helping hire more organizers to meet people where they are in communities across the country, helping Elizabeth hold more town halls to talk with voters everywhere, and helping promote our campaign’s bold solutions to problems that working Americans face — like Medicare for All, tackling the student loan debt crisis, funding Universal Child Care, and more.

We couldn’t be more grateful — so our brand new Grassroots Donor Wall is our way of thanking everyone who makes this movement a reality.

Will your name be featured in Warren HQ? Chip in anything you can to get your name on the Grassroots Donor Wall!

Thanks for being in this fight,

Team Warren

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