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Subject: Naturalization Ceremony

Greetings to all

The next Naturalization Ceremony is scheduled to take place in downtown Fresno on Tuesday, 18 June. If you are hearing about this event for the first time, we are always in need of volunteers for this 10 am to noon-ish voter registration effort. We need people familiar with voter registration, or who can learn this quickly, as well as people with foreign language ability (Spanish, Hmong, Punjabi are the principal needs).

 Due to construction works, the ceremony is scheduled to take place in the Convention Center Exhibit Hall building, about 100 yards north of the current location, which is the breezeway between the Saroyan Theater and the Valdez Center.

 We should try to gather by 10 am at the site, where we’ll likely set up something similar to last month’s arrangements. Next month, I hope that we will return to the original site.

 If there are any new volunteers or people who otherwise require a training session on 1) voter registration or 2) how to approach people at the ceremony, please let me know and I can try to offer something this coming week, or on Monday.

 Thanks for your help and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

 Marlin Dick