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Our progressive values and the safety and condition of our bridges, roads, and public transportation systems are under attack by right-wing Republicans like GOP gubernatorial candidate John Cox, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and others who support Donald Trump’s hateful and divisive agenda.

They’re behind Proposition 6 on our November ballot, which would repeal $5.1 billion in existing transportation funding currently dedicated to fixing roads, bridges, highways, and public transit systems.

Republicans think Prop 6 is their ticket to excite and drive their few remaining voters to the polls in hopes they can retain their majority in Congress and even pick up additional seats to help salvage Trump’s failed presidency.

We cannot let them succeed.

We need to mobilize every Democrat, progressive, and caring voter to defeat Proposition 6 and prevent the elimination of this important and historic investment we are making in California’s infrastructure and future.

The Republicans are using this solely to drive out their voters and their base is fired up by this measure. WE must strongly resist their efforts and mobilize our own voters to OPPOSE Prop 6. We need local Democratic Parties, Democratic clubs, and all of our activists to be on the front lines in this fight, urging every community in the state to Oppose Prop 6 to ensure our roads and bridges are safe.

No on Prop 6 campaign representatives will reach out to your local County Party shortly to request time on the agenda at an upcoming meeting. The campaign will provide you with materials that will help you educate your community on the dangers of this ballot measure and the importance of protecting this investment in our state.

If you would like to join the campaign, request a speaker for your upcoming meeting, or have any questions, please reach out to or 916-443-0872. For materials to distribute at your upcoming meetings and in your community, please contact Sandra Lowe at

We must stop this right-wing attack on California. We must mobilize to reject Prop 6.

Democratically Yours,

Eric C. Bauman, Chair
California Democratic Party