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— Washington Post

Did you catch this headline, Michael?

While the nation grapples with a global health pandemic, Trump is rushing to reopen the economy and is promoting an untested COVID-19 antidote. Now, he has the audacity to proclaim the GOP the “Party of Health Care.”

Never mind the fact that his White House is actively trying to end the Affordable Care Act in the Supreme Court. Or that Trump still REFUSES to reopen the ACA exchanges during the pandemic.

Let’s be very clear, Republicans are the party of health care destruction.

Our opponent David Valadao has been silent on Trump’s recent attacks on health care, but we haven’t forgotten about his vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. We remember because it would have stripped coverage from more than 60,000 people here in the Central Valley.

We need to remind our community why we rejected David Valadao in the first place. But that’s going to take resources, and we know he’s already raising funds to spin the story and go on the attack early:

Can you chip in $10 to support our campaign? Unlike Valadao, TJ’s not taking any corporate PAC money. That’s because we refuse to take marching orders from special interests — especially when it comes to our health.

Thank you so much for your support.

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