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*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

These headlines have our community feeling anxious these days:

The Fresno Bee: “Valley farmers suffer in trade war over tariffs”
The Modesto Bee: “Why Trump’s trade war will hurt the Central Valley” “Could Trump trade war hurt Kern County ag?”

Folks are wising up to the fact that Trump’s ill-advised trade war is going to devastate the Central Valley’s small businesses, farmers, and workers. These tariffs on our almonds, grape, and dairy products couldn’t have come at a worse time for working families trying to make ends meet while raising a family.

That’s why it’s an absolute shame that all Rep. David Valadao has offered to his constituents is that he’s “monitoring the situation” while this administration destroys our local economy.

It’s time we had a representative that will hold Trump and the rest of the GOP accountable when they attack our way of life in the Central Valley. Chip in a donation to bring back leadership that will advocate for our local needs — not enable Trump’s assault on our economy the way Valadao has >>

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I work in the nut processing and manufacturing business, so I know how important it is for local families that our businesses can sell their goods to customers around the world.

That’s why Trump’s trade war, and Valadao’s inability to stand up for the Central Valley, is such a betrayal of this community.

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Thank you,

TJ Cox