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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



Here we go.

David Valadao hasn’t even been in the race for 48 hours and his Republican allies are already going negative on TJ Cox.

We just got word that National Republicans have launched a new website smearing TJ Cox with misleading attacks. It gets worse: Trump-ally Rep. Devin Nunes was just spotted campaigning for David Valadao. He headlined a fundraising dinner where he hurled vicious insults at TJ and slammed the local media. Sound familiar?

This is classic Valadao. No record to run on, so he’s relying on underhanded Trump-like tactics to attack TJ instead. Michael, we look forward to beating Valadao on the issues and with our values. But right now, we need to ramp our efforts immediately because we can’t afford to let these attacks go unchecked.

We need to make a statement of strength ahead of our first fundraising deadline since Valadao’s entry. Can you donate $10 or more right away? This is important.

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