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First ever work day to clean site is March 10th from 9:30 am to 2 pm at Clovis Ave south of Butler Ave. Bring rakes, shovels, tools.
The City of Fresno has approved the program in two steps for the next year: 1) volunteers must prepare the site, and 2) raise $100K.
Note: The Southeast complex will have soccer, volleyball, basketball, an indoor soccer place for little kids to learn, a playground and community garden! Also, the FCDCC is honoring leader Jose Leon-Barraza at our dinner in April.
Pat Brown
FCDCC Elected Member District#3

From: “Jose LeonBarraza” <>
Sent: Thursday, March 1, 2018 10:16:57 AM
Subject: Update on Regional Park and Soccer Complex Project

Members of JPA:
This is to inform you that under the City of Fresno’s  Adopt the Park Program work of  volunteers is being scheduled for the 49-acre park site the following six Saturdays. The first day of work will be on Saturday, 10, 2018 starting at 9:30 a.m.  to 2:00 pm.  (We cancelled the work scheduled for this coming Saturday due to the rain forecast). The Roosevelt Youth Soccer League will provide volunteers for the first Saturday, along with other community groups that have  expressed an interest in participating.
Last week I met and toured the site with Mr. Parvin Neloms, Director of PARCS of the City of Fresno along with top managers of his department. He appeared to be supportive of our work and fundraising efforts.
I also would like to inform you that a grant applications in the amount of $34.000 was filed with the 2018 Social Equity Tree Planting Grant Program.  The Nonprofit status of SEFCEDA was used for this application and has been approved by the City of Fresno. Additionally, on behalf of the JPA we have prepared a proposal for a $1 million grant also for tree planting is being developed with the California Forestry and Fire Department.  A grant application will be presented for your approval consideration once we are given the green light by California Forestry and Fire Department to proceed with the grant application phase. We also filed a $5,000 grant application for tools with Home Depot. An our fundraising work will continue.
Tomorrow I will be travelling to Visalia to attend another grant funding opportunity for the development of parks.
I would like to have a press conference on the first day of clean up on March 10. I will send you confirming information later, hoping that you can join us if your schedules would allow it.
Our Fundraising efforts and seeking the donation of professional services will continue for the continued development of this site for a long-term lease and ownership of this site by the JPA.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Jose Leon-Barraza, CEO
Southeast Fresno Regional Park and Soccer Complex Authority