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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

far” in New Hampshire. Then, she crossed the polling t


Amy for America

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“[H]ow we win an election is to bring everyone with us. And yes, I have won … every single time, state-wide. I have won those congressional districts that Donald Trump won by over 20 points.” — Amy Klobuchar

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Fresno Democratic,

July was an incredible month here at Klobuchar HQ:

First, Amy earned “the most impressive list of endorsements by any presidential candidate so far” in New Hampshire.

Then, she crossed the polling threshold to participate in the DNC’s fall debates!

Next, she took the stage at the second Democratic debate in Detroit and made her case for honest leadership and an optimistic economic agenda for America.

In fact, Amy made such a strong case in Detroit that the Washington Post cited her powerful “ability to win over voters in Trump districts” — which is exactly what we need to take back the White House.

Amy’s message is resonating across the country, and the excitement is building. Just look at all the donations that came in from all 50 states during the debate!

We took incredible steps forward in July, reaching more Americans, making more progress and fighting back against Trump’s lies more than ever before. And we can’t back down now.

We need your help to continue our momentum. Will you rush a donation now to show that you’re with Amy?

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. Amy isn’t taking money or support from corporate PACs or federal lobbyists, so she relies on the strength of her grassroots team.