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“That’s why ‘Stronger Together’ is not just a lesson from our history. It’s not just a slogan for our campaign. It’s a guiding principle for the country we’ve always been and the future we’re going to build.” -Hillary Clinton

We just ended an amazing week in Philadelphia, and we are ready to bring Democratic values back to California. Hillary Clinton is the fighter we need, and we have all the responsibility in the world to elect her to the White House.

But in California, we have work to do. Chairman John Burton said it in a letter to CA Democrats this week:

“There is no question of whether Trump could carry California. If we work hard and get out the vote, we can decimate the Republican Party in the state of California. We can grow our majorities in the state Legislature, and we have a chance to pick up four Congressional seats.”

Contribute $25 to the California Democrats 2016 election fund today, and help us get out the vote in November.

We need to knock on doors. We need to call voters, and we need to get out the vote! And we can’t wait one minute longer. Our Democratic unity is now more important than ever.

United, we can fight for immigration reform. United, we can pass policies that help working and middle-class families here in California and across the nation. United, we stand against Donald Trump. There’s no sitting on the sidelines this election. We need to come together to elect Hillary Clinton and deliver a Democratic Congress for Nancy Pelosi to lead. Are you in?

We have our work cut out for us. United, we can win in November. Will you contribute $25 to the California Democrats 2016 election fund today?

Thank you.

The CDP Team