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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Betty Yee for State Controller

Fellow delegate,

I regret I will not be participating in the upcoming summer e-board meeting due to a serious family illness.  However, I want to share the following message:

If there were ever a time for Democrats to be united in purpose, it is now.  The deep divisions that still exist within our Party must now be directed towards how we can come together and: (1) take care of our brothers and sisters and neighbors who are the victims or potential victims of discrimination, poverty, hatred, violence, and yes, even death; and (2) protect our precious planet, our environment and natural resources that belong to all of us from landing in the hands of corporations and the rich.  We as activists and as state, regional, and local leaders have the awesome responsibility to model this — to build the identity, community, and sense of purpose that have gone missing in the lives of so many who are now taking to the streets to grow the White nationalist movement.

Yes, we can continue to decry and denounce Trump, as we should.  However, making Trump our central focus diminishes the opportunity we have amongst ourselves to sit down at the table and speak differently to one another.  In doing so, we need to ask ourselves, “What must we do to make our world, our country, our state, our communities better for our brothers and sisters, for our children, and for Mother Earth?”  This is the responsibility we have individually and collectively not just as activists, but as Californians…as Americans.

I am grateful for the trust and confidence you have placed in me to serve as California’s Controller, and with your sustained support, I look forward to serving a second term — to continue, among other things, the work on reforming our tax system, strengthening retirement security, battling climate change, and more importantly, working to be sure our democracy is strong in which each among us understands that fully participating in our democracy is a responsibility that must at its foundation be embedded in respect for others.  As Democrats, we welcome diversity of thought and perspectives, but we can ill-afford to allow division among us that stems from an unwillingness to understand and respect our differences.

Thank you, fellow Democrats.  Onward, united in purpose, and all best wishes for a successful and productive e-board meeting.

Betty Yee