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You and I both know that our immigrants and ancestors didn’t come here in search of a dream — they brought the California Dream with them.

They, and we, are all, the United Dreamers of California.

We dream of progress.

We dream of a more inclusive, diverse, fair, just and forward-thinking society. A society without hate, division, poverty, and where everyone has health care, clean air and water, and the opportunity to succeed and live a healthy, thriving middle class life.

These dreams are who we are, as Californians.

And they’re why I’ve dedicated my life to giving back, so that I can help more Californians achieve their dreams.

I hope you’ll watch my new video ad, the United Dreamers of California, below:

Together, lets continue to fight for the dream for all of us, and as your next Insurance Commissioner, I’ll fight to keep us — the United Dreamers of California —in control of our lives and our future.