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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

On Sunday, all four Democratic Candidates for Governor took the stage for the first time to debate healthcare before the National Union of Healthcare Workers.

Delaine shared her strong support for SB 562 and her vision for universal healthcare for all Californians. It was inspiring. Multiple audience members came up to me afterwards to share how much they liked Delaine’s ‘fighting spirit.’

They not only liked it, they voted for it. In the first round of balloting Delaine crushed two of her competitors and sailed into the run-off.

But you wouldn’t know this if you just read the media coverage. The actual results of the vote were but a footnote as the media trotted out their preconceived narratives.

The media seem to forget that voters are people. And when people hear Delaine speak, they not only like her, they vote for her.

The election next June isn’t winner take all. The top two candidates, even if they are from the same political party, will go to the run-off. As Victor Garcia, an activist from Glendale, stated, “When people hear Delaine’s vision for California, and learn of her experience, they are with her. This race is just beginning, and any time you put Delaine’s record and talents against the other candidates, she will compete successfully.

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You can watch the full debate here.