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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Daraka for Vice Chair


The Bernie Sanders campaign has inspired thousands of ordinary Californians to get involved in the Democratic Party to help re-shape it for the fights to come. As two young activists who “felt the Bern”, we want to let you know why we support Daraka Larimore-Hall for CDP Vice Chair.

Not only was Daraka the only statewide Party officer to endorse Sanders in the Primary, he understands the long-term importance of finding space for new activists and uniting the Party around the bold and progressive policy ideas Bernie ran on.  Daraka understands that these ideas- tuition-free college, single payer health care, peaceful foreign policy and taking on economic inequality – are popular among California Democrats no matter who they supported in 2016.  That’s the way we will unite.

As new activists try to get their heads around the bewildering array of Party structures and groups, Daraka has always been there to answer questions and invite our participation. This was clear from the first time Bernie delegates met with the rest of the Party before the Philadelphia DNC Convention and continues to this day.

I first met Daraka four years ago and watched him continuously push for a progressive agenda within the Democratic Party at different levels. At the same time, Daraka has worked to unite the party between Sanders and Clinton supporters before and after the heated Presidential primary. As a young Democratic activist, Daraka has been easily accessible to help build Democratic Clubs and County Central Committees. As Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party, Daraka will continue his work on strengthening the Party from the grassroots.


I’m supporting Daraka for Vice Chair of the CDP because he is the only member of the previous leadership to make a legitimate effort to reach out to those of us who are new to working within the party. Daraka has made a consistent effort to offer advice and answer any questions I ever have. He has also put considerable effort into bridging the divide between the Sanders and Clinton sides of the party. I always look forward to and welcome his insight on how to handle disagreements I come upon both at the county and state level. I look forward to him bringing this inclusive style of leadership to the position of vice chair.


We need to find ways of working together and hearing all the voices in the Democratic base. Electing Daraka as Vice Chair makes us confident we will have a seat at the table.

Now is your chance to get involved in the Democratic Party and help prepare for our sustained efforts. I know we can count on your help by volunteering to support Daraka Larimore-Hall for California Democratic Party Vice Chair at the Sacramento Convention Center on May 19th & 20th.

You can sign up here today!

In Solidarity,

-Natalie and AJ

Daraka for Vice Chair