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*** Tony Thurmond has been endorsed for State Superintendent of Public Instruction by the CDP ***


In the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Marshall Tuck is benefiting enormously from the support from billionaires aligned with Betsy DeVos, including a Republican slate mailer featuring Tuck, Newt Gingrich and John Cox – Trump’s candidate for Governor, which Tuck has refused to disavow.

Betsy DeVos’s allies and donors are working overtime to defeat our CDP-endorsed candidate, Assemblymember Tony Thurmond – a progressive champion who has devoted his entire life to advancing our values.

When a candidate chooses to accept support from people linked to Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich, they’re making a clear statement about their priorities. California Democrats must elect Tony Thurmond and defeat the billionaires’ agenda of defunding public schools.

Here are three things you can do to help get the word out about Tony Thurmond:

Share Tony’s campaign ads on Facebook

Download a supporter letter to send to your network of voters

Share our tweet setting the record straight

Tony Thurmond will fiercely resist the Trump/Devos/Tuck education agenda. And he will fight for the quality education our kids deserve by working for:

  • New investment in recruiting and retaining great teachers, and increasing teacher pay
  • Policies that teach kids how to think critically and creatively, not how to pass standardized tests
  • Keeping our kids safe from gun violence and investing in school-based mental health services

As Democrats, we know that our state institutions need strong, progressive leadership. We must elect Tony Thurmond as Supertintendent of Public Instruction to safeguard democratic, public education in California.

Please join us in doing everything you can to elect Tony Thurmond on June 5.

Democratically Yours, 

Sandra Lowe, Senior Strategist
California Democratic Party