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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Alex Padilla

Yesterday, all 14 California Republicans in the House of Representatives voted for Trump’s tax plan.


Here’s the bottom line: This tax plan is bad for California families. 


This represents a big financial hit for many Californians because it raises taxes on working families. Trump and California Republicans are punishing Californians just so they can turn right around and give corporations and the most wealthy a tax break. That’s just wrong.


We can’t let the 14 California Republicans who voted for this off the hook. Add your name to our petition now, letting them know that we will not stand by as they hurt hard-working Californians. We will hold them accountable.


Trump and the GOP continue to claim that this tax plan will help the middle class and will help Americans who are hurting, but they refuse to share any specifics. We’re not buying what he’s saying because we know that he’s only trying to help corporations and the most wealthy, not America’s working families.


Here’s what we need to know: The plan includes a repeal of the state and local tax deductions claimed by more than 6.1 million California households. Californians will be paying more in taxes under this plan.


Other states that are disproportionately impacted include New York and New Jersey, but their Republican representatives opposed the bill. Why? Because they chose to protect their constituents over appeasing Trump and Republican leaders. They realized the harm it would cause the people in their districts. California Republicans should have done the same.


Trump’s tax plan hurts Californians and our economy. We must hold these members accountable. Sign our petition now to tell California House Republicans that they need to stand is for California families.


Thank you,


Alex Padilla

California Secretary of State