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Last night was Donald Trump’s first State of the Union speech.

Despite his calls to unify America, I couldn’t help but think of the divisiveness Trump has brought upon our country. As usual, he used his platform and inflammatory rhetoric to attack immigrants, just to appeal to the most extreme members of his base. And throughout his speech, no one could forget the countless policies his administration pushed forward this year that have threatened our most vulnerable communities — from ending DACA and passing his disastrous tax plan, to attacking healthcare and a woman’s access to reproductive care.

But what Trump has done is energized women throughout the country to step up and run for office. These women, including me, are standing up against the racism and misogyny coming out of the White House.

In California, we are seeing women across the state leading the resistance, and standing up for what is right. That’s exactly why I’m running to be California’s next Lt. Governor.

Will you join me and take action?

We’re in this together!