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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Alex Padilla

In the span of one month, President Trump has blamed “both sides” for the violence in Charlottesville, refused to denounce white supremacy, pardoned Joe Arpaio who was convicted for violating the civil rights of Latinos, and today, revoked protections for Dreamers by ending the DACA program.

When asked about DACA, Trump recently stated that he would “show great heart” when dealing with Dreamers, yet today his callous repeal of DACA shows how empty and insincere those words were.

By attempting to punt this task to Congress, Trump is showing cowardice by trying to shed responsibility for his decision to threaten Dreamers.

The passion and commitment of Dreamers have made our country greater and Trump’s decision is simply, morally wrong.

We must stand up against Trump’s hateful agenda. Add your name now to tell Trump to leave Dreamers alone. Send a message that you stand with our families, friends, and neighbors — regardless of their immigration status.

This decision now creates immediate challenges for over 800,000 young people — 200,000 of which are in California — who contribute to our communities and country.

California will hold the line. We will continue to insist on humane treatment and justice for Dreamers and their families.

As the proud son of immigrants, I know that immigrants come to America for a better life; they want to work, go to school, raise families, and seize the opportunity that this country offers.

DACA has allowed young people who were brought here as young children. For many, America is the only home they know. Trump is trying to take their homes and dreams away and rip their families apart.

Immigrants help make America great. Always have. Always will.

Sign our petition now and stand up for Dreamers >>