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When Donald Trump attacks our communities, we are not silent — we lead.

Yesterday, as Trump signed two executive orders meant to jumpstart construction of a U.S.-Mexico border wall and strip federal funding from sanctuary cities, California Democrats committed to fighting back.

Here’s what leaders in California had to say:

“These executive orders will harm public safety, tear families apart, and jeopardize national security … I’d urge my colleagues in Congress to uphold America’s tradition of standing up to protect these communities.”U.S. Senator Kamala Harris

“It’s sad Donald Trump thinks these executive orders make America safer, and it’s sad he thinks they make America better … These orders are exactly why the Legislature is taking steps to help immigrants with access to legal counsel to ensure due process.”Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon

“The California DOJ will protect the rights of all of its people from unwarranted intrusion from any source, including the federal government.”Attorney General Xavier Becerra

“It’s not the job of our local and county and state law enforcement to turn the cogs of President Trump’s deportation machine. He cannot force us and we will not hesitate to fight him in Congress and settle the matter in court.”Senate Leader Kevin de León

Will you add your name to commit to fight back against Trump’s unjust immigration policies alongside California’s Democratic leaders?

As Trump and his administration implement policies of exclusion and division, California Democrats have committed to protecting the human rights of all our residents.

From opposing the president’s ill-conceived proposal to “build a wall,” to fighting against the exclusion of immigrants based on their religion, we will fight for our values and for our communities.

Will you be a part of our movement to show the country that #CaliforniaLeads in opposing Trump’s unjust immigration policies?

Add your name to commit to fight back today.

Thank you for being a California Democrat.

The CADEM Team