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Donald Trump is officially launching his re-election campaign in Orlando, Florida tonight.

Let’s show Trump just how powerful our grassroots campaign to elect Kamala is. Pitch in right now if you want to beat Donald Trump »

Kamala can beat Trump. She has the experience, the talent, and the grit we need to take the fight directly to Trump in the general election — and win.

With recent polls showing Kamala leading Trump by as much as eight points, and Trump opening new lines of attack on our campaign, it’s clear his team is worried.

So they’re going to raise and spend a tremendous amount of money to try to stop our momentum in its tracks.

Trump already has a head start. His campaign has over $100 million in the bank, along with a network of super PACs and billionaires ready to open up their checkbooks to keep Trump in the White House.

We don’t have the Trump team’s big super PACs and mega-donors in our corner. Instead, we have to match them with grassroots power.

Our big FEC deadline is just around the corner, and right now, we’re short of our goal. With Trump kicking off his campaign tonight, we can’t afford to fall behind. We need all of our grassroots supporters to pitch in whatever you can, right now, to catch up:

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:



Thanks for pitching in at this moment. Together, we can build a campaign with the strength to defeat Donald Trump and elect Kamala.

— Team Kamala