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TJ Cox for Congress


You may have heard the news that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy recently introduced legislation to build Trump’s border wall. The plan would allocate up to $23.4 million for the project.


We all know what this is about, Michael. McCarthy and his friends in DC are trying to drum up last-minute support from their Republican base ahead of the November election.


It’s sad, but this is how policy works under Trump and his cronies — particularly on immigration. They engage in fear-mongering in an attempt to win the day rather than taking a real crack at solving the issue. It’s what folks are sick of seeing from Washington, and it’s exactly this type of cold-blooded, political crap that brought me into this race in the first place.


Wednesday at midnight marks our FINAL FEC fundraising deadline before Election Day. We’re a little fed up, so we’re working harder than usual to raise the additional $50,000 we need before the deadline to stay on track and win this seat. Unlike Trump’s puppet David Valadao, I’m depending on this grassroots network of supporters to flip California’s 21st district.




Thank you,


TJ Cox





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