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Trumpcare is suddenly back and it’s even worse. Please sign our petition opposing the Republican’s latest attempt to rip health insurance away from millions of people.


Here’s what we know: late last night House Republicans, presumably working with Donald Trump, struck a deal that “would likely cause more coverage loss than the last one.” Remember the health care plan that failed last month would have resulted in more than 24 million Americans losing health insurance over the next decade.

It gets worse. This plan would allow insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, removing one of the most critical protections of the Affordable Care Act. That would be catastrophic for the 129 million Americans who have some form of a pre-existing condition.

That’s one in three Americans, Michael. Chances are, you or someone you care about could lose coverage if this legislation passes.

We’ve seen this game before: a callous, sloppily-written health care plan that will hurt some of the most vulnerable among us. We stopped the Republicans just a few weeks ago and we can do it again.

Sign and send the petition: Stop Donald Trump and Republicans from ripping health insurance away from millions of people by rushing through this repeal plan.


Just like before, this comes down to our morals: will we allow them to advance a law that only helps insurance companies and the very wealthy; or will we ensure every American has the right to affordable quality health care?

Kamala will do everything in her power to stop this legislation, but we need you to get involved in ensuring this bill is defeated in the House.

Your voice must be heard in this process. Add your name here, make calls, and demand this plan be defeated. This is important — and your action can make all the difference. Thanks for everything.

– All of us at Team Kamala