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Alex Padilla

SFGate | January 17, 2018

Trump continues to hate on California and lash out with threats against California families and our immigrant communities.

It is no secret that Trump is divisive, racist, and anti-immigrant — or is he just against immigrants from “certain” countries? Remember his blatantly racist comments just last week?

This week, Trump is threatening to punish California by conducting major sweeps in the Bay Area in response to our adoption of humane sanctuary laws. I refuse to let California communities be terrorized by the spiteful and vindictive racist who currently sits in the Oval Office.

If you’re with me, make a $5 contribution to my reelection campaign so I can continue to fight against Trump’s dangerous agenda.

These raids and Trump’s decision to end DACA are cruel. But California leaders will continue to resist and stand up to him.

In California, we recognize that immigrants are helping our state and our economy flourish. Trump’s ego is threatened by it, so it’s no surprise that he’s lashing out. But we will continue to stand together.

That’s why I’m asking: can you please chip in $5 to my reelection campaign? As the son of immigrants, I know firsthand how hard immigrants work and how they help make California great.


Thank you,

Alex Padilla

California Secretary of State