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TULSI 2020


Dear friend —

Unlike President Trump, I will not turn our great country into the prostitute of Saudi Arabia. 

By vetoing the War Powers resolution that would have seen the US finally end its support of Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war against the people of Yemen, Trump again proves that he is the servant of Saudi Arabia — the theocratic dictatorship which spends billions of dollars every year spreading the most extreme and intolerant form of Islam around the world, the very ideology that motivates al-Qaeda and other jihadists. 

Trump’s veto of the War Powers Act is further a betrayal of his campaign promise to end “stupid wars.” Trump is caving to the neocons around him who are fomenting regime change war in Venezuela and Iran and escalating the new Cold War and nuclear arms race. These wars have and will continue to waste trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives, undermine our national security by strengthening terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda, and cause untold suffering and devastation for the people in the countries where we wage these wars.

You can accept Trump’s veto, or you can do two things right now that will only take 3 minutes of your time: 

1) Watch this video where I explain how, because of the actions of President Trump, the U.S is complicit in the genocide that the theocratic dictatorship of Saudi Arabia is waging on the people of Yemen. And then share it with your friends to get the word out about what this veto really means.


2) Sign-up to become a citizen co-sponsor of the bipartisan resolution I will be reintroducing that ensures the decision to go to war lies with Congress — not the president — as is specified in our constitution.

We are complicit in the genocide that Saudi Arabia is carrying out in Yemen, that has killed tens of thousands of innocent children and civilians as well as the deaths of millions more from disease and starvation. We must do the right thing and stop assisting Saudi Arabia as they carry out this genocide. 

We already know Trump is more interested in pleasing the Saudis than doing what’s right, but we don’t have to accept that. I will put the interests and the values of the American people first, not the interests of the theocratic dictatorship of Saudi Arabia.

Are you with me? 

No President should be able to start a war without the explicit consent of Congress. Co-sign the reintroduction of my bipartisan resolution that seeks to restore Congress’ constitutional responsibility to declare war, and stop our President from getting us involved in another Yemen, Vietnam or Syria.

As a veteran, this is personal. The direct and indirect costs of these unnecessary, costly interventionist wars take a heavy toll on our troops and veterans, and on the American people. Our communities face crumbling infrastructure, failing public schools, skyrocketing costs of healthcare and housing, and so much more while we spend trillions of dollars on regime change wars and nation-building.  

This must stop. We must stand up to President Trump and the continued abuse of our Constitution by ending presidential wars once and for all. I’m making a promise to you right now: As President, I will put the needs and values of the American people — your needs — first. I will restore War Powers to Congress and you will have a say in the decision to send our troops into harm’s way. 

Thank you for fighting with me for a better America,







PO Box 75255 Kapolei HI 96707

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