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Standing on the international stage, our reckless and dangerous president sold out our country so he could cozy up to his fascist pal: Vladimir Putin.

By rejecting the American intelligence community’s consensus — that Russia attacked our democracy — Trump betrayed the American people. It was treasonous.

And what have Trump’s congressional clones in California done in response to this traitorous act? Absolutely nothing.


It’s time to replace Trump’s rubber stamps with Democrats who will hold the president accountable. Will you chip in $20.18 right now towards our crucial work to take back the House?

Every single one of the California Republicans we are targeting this November were all but silent in response to this national disgrace: Not even sending a single tweet to hold Trump accountable.

It’s clear that these so-called representatives are so terrified of the president that they’ve completely abdicated their responsibility to uphold our Constitution — or, there is the disturbing possibility that they, and the president, have been compromised by Russia.

As we grapple as Californians and Americans with this disturbing question, our resolution must be clear: We must each do what we can to take back the House this fall.

To start, will you pitch in $20.18 or more right now towards our work to take back our democracy from Trump and his congressional clones here in California?

Thanks for pitching in what you can. Our democracy depends on it.


Democratically Yours,

Eric C. Bauman, Chair
California Democratic Party