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Los Angeles Times

Trump moves to stop California residents from receiving tax deductions. 8/23/2018

“Tax Scam” supporter David Valadao (CA-21) stays silent.
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Trump’s IRS is seeking to prevent millions of middle-class California families from getting more of their state and local taxes deducted.

Let’s call this what it is: Donald Trump is deliberately punishing California families.

Instead of giving a hand up to families aspiring toward financial security and homeownership, Trump’s official policy on taxes is to stick his neck out for corporations while we foot the bill.

I’m furious that Rep. David Valadao so willingly accepted Trump’s tax scam despite the terrible outcomes it deals California families. And I’m not holding my breath to hear Valadao explain away this latest stunt either.

We need a representative who will hold Trump accountable when he hurts Californians — Valadao is NOT that guy. Chip in to fuel our campaign to give Valadao the boot and take back the House in 2018 >>

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