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We’re not slowing down. After we filed our 85th lawsuit against President Trump earlier this week, Xavier just announced another new lawsuit to stop Trump’s plan to deport international students. 
The President wants to deport future doctors, nurses, and scientists if they attend their college classes virtually during the pandemic. Jeff: Not on our watch. 

NPR: “ICE Threatens To Deport International Students If They Don’t Attend In-Person Classes”

Now that many schools have temporarily switched to online-learning, President Trump threatens to deport the nearly one million international students who are enrolled in American colleges.
California has more international students than any other state — and today we become the first state to sue the President over this shameful policy.
Trump’s xenophobic actions keep breaking the law — so we keep taking him to court. We intend to win this fight, just like we won on DACA, a recent border wall ruling, and other recent court victories. 
As we stop Trump’s cruel attacks, it makes a big difference to have grassroots supporters like you stand by our side. Jeff: If you’re able, can you chip in to stand with Xavier today? 
Everyone who works hard and plays by the rules should earn a chance to get ahead. That includes students — our future doctors, scientists, and so much more. Well see the President in court.
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