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Dear Democrat,

The results at our convention provide us with great momentum for a victory in June and November. Thanks for all you are doing to make California a Big Blue Beacon of Hope!

I am honored to be the top vote getter in the hotly contested statewide races at the California Democratic Party Convention. Not only did the California Democratic Party grassroots deny the appointed Attorney General the Democratic Party endorsement, but the grassroots did so by a wide margin.

I am very honored to have received the support of 56% of the voting delegates.  My opponent received only 42% of the vote. A tremendous 14 point lead.

Thanks to all the delegates who voted for me and who campaigned for me. Thanks for taking the time to speak with me or our volunteers during the months preceding the convention.  I am also very grateful to our tremendous volunteers who have worked so hard with such enthusiasm here in San Diego and throughout the campaign. They showed the power of grassroots campaigning; their and your energy and engagement represents our Democratic Party at its best.

The support of such a large majority of Democrats across the state is confirmation that California Democrats want an Attorney General who will fight Trump’s regressive and racist policies while at the same time advancing a progressive agenda here in California.

I am very excited about the weeks and months ahead, as we build on this success to victory in the primary and general elections. We could not have accomplished this without you.

Thank you!

Dave Jones

Insurance Commissioner and Candidate for Attorney General