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A day for all of us to recommit to work to make sure everyone has access to clean water.                                                                                                                                                                         
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Tomorrow is the UN’s World Water Day — a day for all of us to recommit to work to make sure everyone here in California, across the country, and around the globe have access to clean water.

Here in the Golden State, we’re no stranger to the ways in which our rapidly shifting climate and changing environment threatens access to safe water in many of our communities, particularly low-income communities and communities of color.

As part of our work to ensure that water is indeed a human right for all, we encourage you to join us in celebrating World Water Day tomorrow. Click here to learn more about World Water Day 2019 and take further action.

In California, Democrats have made it part of our platform to fight for safe drinking water for all Californians by protecting our water sources, cleaning up contamination, giving it our all to slow climate change, and more.

But we’ll only be successful in ensuring access to clean water for all of us is if we take action, together.

Click here to visit the UN’s World Water Day website to learn more and discover opportunities to take action in your community.

Let’s make sure we have clean water here in California and across the world.

The CDP Team

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