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Brynne Kennedy for Congress

Tom McClintock has done it again.

Because of his shameful voting record, including a yes vote on a bill intended to spread misinformation regarding women’s health and recent attempts to repeal health care IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC, Tom has been put “On Notice” by EMILY’s List.

It’s really not that complicated. Over a long career in politics, Tom has distinguished himself as a threat to women and working families.

Donate now and join EMILY’s List in putting Tom on notice: CA-04 deserves a representative that respects everyone. They deserve Brynne.

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  The EMILY’s list announcement also parallels what we’ve seen in our polling and in our contacts with voters across this district. Tom McClintock is vulnerable. And when voters are presented with a choice between a pragmatic businesswoman like Brynne, and a hyper-partisan fringe politician like Tom, Brynne wins.

From equal pay and the Violence Against Women Act, to the basic healthcare that all Americans need in these challenging times, the stakes are simply too high to allow Tom McClintock to continue misrepresenting the people of our district any longer…

That’s what makes your continued support so critical.

Tell Tom McClintock his time is up. Help Brynne show him the door this November, by chipping in $5 or whatever you can to make it happen.

With your support, we will make it clear that if you’re working to rob women of their fundamental rights, you don’t have a place in Congress.

Thanks so much for your help,

–Team Brynne Kennedy

Brynne Kennedy is running for Congress in California’s Fourth District because she believes Americans can do more together. An accomplished businesswoman, Brynne has created new solutions to help employers and workers thrive in today’s economy. As our voice in Washington, she will fight to take our government back from the corrupt special interests and will put partisanship aside to put our communities first.

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