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TJ Cox for Congress

“TJ Cox has the needs of 21st congressional district in focus, making him best choice”

-Fresno Bee Editorial Board

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We wanted to make sure you got the news that TJ Cox earned the endorsement of the Fresno Bee!


This is a huge nod of support and a sign of the growing momentum behind our campaign. We think the Fresno Bee laid out the case for TJ Cox and against David Valadao perfectly:


Valadao has voted against his constituents – he’s refused to protect Medicaid, health care access, or the Central Valley’s environment. Not to mention he’s voted lock-step with Trump 99% of the time in Congress.


TJ Cox’s experience is founded on helping those in need in this community. Look no further than his work bringing $40 million in investments for health clinics, job training, and low-income housing support. He’s the real deal.


Californians in the Central Valley have a clear choice, and the timing of this endorsement couldn’t have been better, because TONIGHT is our big FEC deadline! Let’s make sure we can seal the deal by reaching every voter we can. Can you chip in to help us raise the $11,019 we need to hit our midnight goal?


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TJ Cox for Congress





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