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TJ COX / CD21 needs your help to cure ballots!
The Democratic majority in the House is slim … we cannot lose this seat.  Ballot curing provided the margin of victory – 862 votes – for TJ in 2018.  We know it works and we need to make it happen again!



CD21 has the greatest need in Kern County and needs volunteers to do in-person contact-less canvassing from now until December 1st.  Phone banking is not enough on its own.  You are needed!

The current vote margin favors Valadao by approximately 1,600 votes, but Kern County (a county that usually favors TJ Cox) has not completed counting the votes. 






We know that many of us will not feel safe leaving our homes and traveling to CD21, and that this is a very individual decision. For those who are interested, three volunteers recently went to CD21 and shared their experiences from the training to voter contact.

Training … “Kickoff was in a union hall; everyone wore masks and stood or sat well apart. Maybe 10 -15 people in the room that could seat at least 100 at tables.”

 Talking with voters … “At voter’s doors you can keep a safe distance, you hand them the clipboard, pen and paper and take it back. We were given hand sanitizer to use after each transaction. It’s short and outside.”

Overall experience … “I felt ok about it all. I enjoyed my weekend – it is great picking up the piece of paper from a thankful person. Wish there were more people.  I’ll be happy if TJ wins by the 9 votes I cured.”

“I’d say it’s really satisfying work helping voters make sure their vote is counted.  Some didn’t realize their vote had been rejected or were confused about how to cure it.  We chased down 11 ballot cures!”


Together, they cured 20 ballots!  We are encouraged by their experience and hope you will consider signing up if it feels like a safe option for you.