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It’s a total sham:

That’s the only way to describe Trump’s “national emergency” to get his wall.

Just so we’re clear: Trump undermined our democracy to fulfill a xenophobic campaign promise. And while he’s out golfing, a real immigration crisis is happening:

Thousands of immigrant children have been ripped from their parents. Some of them have even died in U.S. custody. Not to mention immigrant farmworkers in my district fear deportation each day because of Trump’s policies.

I’m tired of talking about this dumb wall. But the truth is, we’ll never have a serious conversation about immigration reform until we defeat the Republicans’ hateful policies at their root. The best way we can do that is winning in 2020.

If you’re with me, chip in $10 today. Every donation will go right to work defeating the Republicans’ hateful immigration policies. Let’s get this done.



Thank you,

TJ Cox

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