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Moments ago, Speaker Pelosi announced her plans to launch a formal impeachment inquiry of President Trump. The Speaker said, “The President must be held accountable” and I couldn’t agree more that this is the right path forward.

I, like millions of Americans, have been deeply troubled by what we’ve learned this past week about Donald Trump and his phone call with the Ukrainian president. And this is just the latest example of conduct by Trump deserving of an impeachment inquiry.

The moral vandalism we’re witnessing in the Oval Office poses a challenge to all Americans: this goes far beyond partisan divides and is part of a greater call to action to put the best interests of the American people before allegiance to political party.

Let me be clear: the President of the United States cannot seek the help of a foreign government for the purposes of attacking a political rival.

The Trump administration is stonewalling Congress by refusing to release the whistleblower complaint that brought these concerns to light.

Team, if you agree with myself and Speaker Pelosi that it’s time to start the impeachment process, add your name next to ours.

This is not the first time I’ve called to initiate impeachment proceedings of the president. We have a president who repeatedly disregards the rule of law and misuses the powers of his office. He must be held accountable for his actions. And this is our one remaining path to ensuring that justice is served.

As members of Congress, it’s on each of us to fulfill our responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution. This is one of those moments in history where we must step up and meet that obligation.

Add your name if you agree with Speaker Pelosi’s decision to start impeachment proceedings.

Justice must prevail.


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