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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Real talk, everybody: 
I expect to be outraised and outspent in the months to come. Here’s why:
The truth is it’s a whole lot easier to raise money by railing against the current occupant of the White House — to react in real time to each and every tweet or to let him pull you down to his level. But as I told you from the start, this campaign has to be about a whole lot more than defeating Donald Trump.
This campaign is about building something bolder and bigger. Yes, Donald Trump must go, but there was profound, widespread injustice before he became president. This campaign will not be defined by what we are against but by what AND who we are for.
To accomplish big things, transformative things, this campaign can’t just be about beatingTrump, but also about uniting Americans to achieve a deeper and broader justice for everyone.
So let them call us an underdog because we won’t gin up the outrage machine for fast money. But I refuse to let anyone count us out.
We’re behind where we’d hoped to be on fundraising for February, I’ll be honest. But we are going to close the fundraising gap one donation at a time, and that starts with you. Will you make a donation, even just $1, before our first-ever monthly deadline?
Can’t thank you enough,


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