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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.





As the former mayor of “Military City, U.S.A,” I’m writing today to share my deepest appreciation for all of our nation’s veterans. Sixty-five years ago, we established this holiday to celebrate, thank, and honor members of the Armed Forces that have defended our nation’s freedom and protected our country’s future. 


To America’s veterans, you have our utmost respect and gratitude for your service. To the families who have lost service members, we honor your sacrifices.


We owe veterans not only a debt of gratitude, but a lifetime of support.

During the Obama administration, through a bipartisan, multi-agency effort, we reduced veteran homelessness by nearly 50 percent. Our work is not yet complete, so as a candidate I’ve set an ambitious goal of eliminating veteran homelessness by the end of my first term as president.


I’ve had the opportunity to serve and work with veterans who represent the very best of the United States. And today, we cannot forget the immigrants who served our country only to be deported. As president, I will work to bring these veterans back, reunite them with their families, and create an immigration system based on common sense and compassion.  


We are forever grateful for those who wear and have worn the stars and stripes on their shoulders.


With gratitude,






Paid for by Julián for the Future


Contributions or gifts to Julián for the Future are not tax deductible.

No one like Julián Castro has ever been in the Oval Office. His grandmother immigrated here from Mexico when she was just 7 years old. She never got past the 4th grade, but she provided for her family by working as a maid and a housekeeper.

Now, her grandson is running for President of the United States. Against all odds, grassroots Democrats like YOU helped him qualify for the Democratic debates and sent him to the front of the pack of Democratic candidates.

We know we send you a lot of emails, but that’s because we’re relying on grassroots supporters to overcome our next big challenge:

Julián must be able to compete and build a movement that lasts for the long haul, and he’s not taking a cent of corporate PAC money to do it. Will you be a part of this historic campaign?


Again, we know we send you a lot of emails. We hope you’ll stick with us long-term. I