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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



Friend —

What’s been clear from the start of this campaign is that we’re different. 

We’re prioritizing humanity first, rooted in the fact that as the wealthiest, most advanced country in the world, there is more than enough to go around. The problem is the distribution of that wealth, and for far too long our leaders have not prioritized or invested in everyday Americans. 

Investing in you — that’s exactly what Andrew Yang will do when he’s elected. We call it the Freedom Dividend — $1,000 per month for every American adult. 

Think it’s far-fetched or too good to be true? Well, we’ve done the math! The money is there — we just need to have the courage to see it through. That’s where you come in.

Every time we’ve asked, this team has stepped up. But the truth is we need to build this campaign even bigger — more offices, more organizers, and more ads to targeted voters.

Can you invest in our campaign, so Andrew can invest in you? Pitch in what you can here.

We know that it’s not an easy decision to donate to a political campaign, so know whatever you can afford to donate is a real investment.

If you believe it’s time to make bold decisions and make big change, make a contribution to our campaign now.

Thank you for everything,
Yang 2020





Can you make a donation today? 

Most of our donations come from people like you chipping in small amounts when they can. Your continued generosity helps us invest in people. 

Join the Yang Gang! 

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