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California Democrats have been on a roll. Every statewide elected official is a Democrat.  Our supermajorities of the State Assembly and Senate are Democrat. Last fall, we elected seven new Democratic Members of Congress, taking back the House now led by California’s Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.
We know how to win elections.  Now it’s time to get our California Democratic Party house in order so that we can do even more, at every level of government in every part of our state.
Rusty Hicks is the leader who can elevate the CDP to the next level, as we defend our new Democratic seats and combat the Republican hate coming out of Washington, DC. This is why we strongly support Rusty Hicks for CDP Chair.
Rusty has a proven track record of building coalitions to win elections. His fight to amplify marginalized voices and raise up working families is unwavering. His commitment to developing talent from underrepresented communities has been a hallmark of his tenure with the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. This is what Rusty’s leadership looks like.
Rusty faces problems head on. To date, he is the only CDP Chair candidate who has taken steps towards swift and tangible change within our Party’s culture to address the sexual harassment and misconduct that has been pervasive for too long and to protect those who come forward. Rusty has convened a special Task Force on Sexual Harassment that is working on a set of recommendations and reforms to address these issues within the Party. This is what Rusty’s leadership looks like.
Rusty’s progressive credentials and demonstrated record of results mean he can hit the ground running to make reforms at the CDP AND prepare for 2020 Democratic victories. His fundraising experience, knowledge of federal and state campaign finance laws, and experience with multifaceted, complex organizations give us the confidence he will keep the Party’s financial house in order. This is what Rusty’s leadership looks like.   
Time and again, we’ve seen Rusty show up, do the work necessary to win, sharing the credit without fanfare and leading without fanfare – because he understands his being at the helm is about something much bigger than Rusty himself. Smart. Driven. Collaborative. Focused.  That’s what Rusty’s leadership looks like.
Rusty has earned our support for Chair of the California Democratic Party.  Join us in supporting Rusty at the Convention in San Francisco on June 1st.  
CA State Controller Betty Yee
CA State Treasurer Fiona Ma, CPA
Rusty for Chair · 1443 E Washington Blvd, #199, Pasadena, CA 91104, United States  
You can also keep up with Rusty for Chair on Facebook. 

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