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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

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Donald Trump released his budget last week, and the results are devastating — he wants to gut the EPA.

We have barely a decade to address climate change, but Donald Trump and his administration are being actively hostile to the science right in front them. Their response is basically: Let’s pour fuel on that fire by making HUGE CUTS to the EPA and Department of Energy.

We simply don’t have time to waste on this, and we need to make sure Congress pushes back: Add your name to tell Congress to say NO to Donald Trump’s dirty budget and to make climate change a priority.

Trump’s budget will slash the EPA by 31.2% — the largest cut to any agency, and even more than he requested to cut it last year — and marks the third time that Trump has tried to end the Department of Energy’s program to encourage and incubate new technologies (a.k.a, new clean energy technologies.) All that, and it doesn’t mention climate change once. Zip. Zero. Never.

But you don’t even need this budget to remind you how this president really feels about climate change. Recently, Donald Trump reminded us again what he really thinks about climate change:

Trump tweet

To President Trump I say this: Instead of spending your mornings watching Fox, visit California, Florida, Nebraska — any of the states that are reeling from the recent impacts of climate change. It’s never been more clear that America needs a climate president — NOW.

That’s exactly why I’m running, and I hope you’ll join me in demanding Congress say NO to this dirty budget — add your name now.

Very truly yours,




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