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ICYMI: CA GOP actually admits to their dirty tricks this time.

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The Washington Post: Caifornia GOP installed unofficial ballot drop-off boxes. State officials say theyre illegal. Donate to legally get out the vote >>

If you’ve seen these green metal containers in your community, will you give us a call. The number is (877) 321-VOTE (8683). These unofficial boxes are misleading to voters, a misrepresentation of official drop boxes, and most importantly: illegal.

Tweet including a photo of a young man with  ballot standing in front of a drop box.

FUND LEGAL VOTER OUTREACHThese kinds of Republican dirty tricks are exactly why we’re aggressively expanding our Voter Protection Team and our Vote 2020 Truth Squad. If you’re looking to contribute towards those efforts, every $8 funds a volunteer shift working the phones for 1 hour.

Grassroots donations make the difference for Democrats fighting to turnout voters.
If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.

DONATE $8Thankfully, we’re helmed by responsible leaders like Rusty Hicks that recognize Republicans are well versed in making it harder, not easier for Californians to vote. Everyone here remains committed to ensuring that all registered voters have full, fair, and equal access to the ballot box.

Unlike Republicans in Orange County, Rusty recently voted at a VALID, official dropbox in Los Angeles County:

Tweet from Rusty Hicks including an image of him in front of a ballot drop box while holding his ballot.

While we’re pleasantly surprised that the California GOP admitted to their election crime, we still have our eyes on the prize: legally getting out the vote. We have 19 days in front of us and 300 more Voter Protection Team shifts to fill and fund. Can you help us make it happen?

-California Democrats

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