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This week, the LA Times endorsed Xavier.


This wasn’t your average endorsement either — this was a resounding stamp of approval for Xavier’s record, his leadership, and his courage to stand up for the rights of Californians. In the words of the LA Times Editorial Board:


“This is a monumentally easy call. Becerra has set a good direction, and voters would be wise to give him a full four-year term.”

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The LA Times praised Xavier for his work to protect our state and values “from a series of onslaughts by the Trump administration.”


That includes fighting a new Trump administration lawsuit that could destroy the free and open internet by attacking California’s new net neutrality law. It includes suing the EPA to defend California’s clean car stands. It includes defending the Affordable Care Act in court.


In all, Xavier has filed 44 lawsuits to stop the worst of the Trump administration’s policies. Meanwhile, our GOP opponent is running on a platform of “standing down in the state’s defense against the Trump administration.”

Contribute $5 now to make sure Xavier wins in November and can keep taking on President Trump.

We’ve got just over 30 days left in this election and Xavier is counting on your support.


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