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The DNC is the only official party organization tasked with helping elect our eventual nominee to the White House.

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I wanted to take a moment to report back on the DNC’s progress and the objectives of our One-Term President Fund.

Last month, we launched the first-ever One-Term President Fund, a fund specifically devoted to taking on Donald Trump and the GOP in 2020 by electing a Democrat to the Oval Office and electing Democrats up and down the ballot. So far, over 42,000 supporters have stepped up to make a contribution and over 12,000 have taken the One-Term President Fund survey to share their priorities for this election cycle — that’s pretty incredible.

What’s even more incredible is what this committed grassroots team is already making possible through your support for the One-Term President Fund. Together, this devoted group of Democrats has chipped in bit by bit, to emails just like this one, to fund some of our most ambitious and groundbreaking projects yet. These funds are already being put to work to support the infrastructure our eventual nominee will need to win, so I hope you’ll give me a minute to share more about the work the DNC is doing to defeat Donald Trump and Republicans in 2020.


We know the key to defeating Donald Trump in 2020 will be to organize early and put the best team in place to win. That’s why we’re excited to invest in training the next generation of young community organizers to work on the 2020 election cycle through an unprecedented new program, Organizing Corps 2020. The DNC has never invested in organizing for the general election this early in a presidential cycle, and through Organizing Corps 2020, the national Democratic Party will be recruiting and training homegrown organizers in key battleground states including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. Our Democratic nominee will rely on this program to build a world-class field team to organize and win in 2020, so this program couldn’t be more crucial to the future of the Democratic Party.


One of the DNC’s top priorities for this cycle has been to overhaul the party’s tech and data infrastructure to ensure that Democratic campaigns can employ smart strategies nationwide. Since 2017, our party has invested heavily in cybersecurity, brought in top tech talent, and we’re rebuilding our data infrastructure to give our presidential candidates completely revamped and state-of-the-art tools. Last month, we took a major step forward in this effort when the DNC and state parties announced a landmark agreement to improve access to voter data. This data agreement unifies our efforts across the progressive ecosystem and puts our candidates in the best position possible to win.


The DNC is committed to sustaining the momentum we gained last cycle, which is why we are continuing crucial programs that helped propel Democrats nationwide to success in 2017 and 2018. From A Seat at the Table, an initiative to meaningfully engage and organize with Black women; to Mujeres Mobilized, a program to engage, empower, and organize alongside Latinas; to New Blue Crew, which aims to mobilize young voters and student leaders; the Democratic Party is working harder than ever to lift up our core constituency groups and empower them as key decision makers within our party.

Thank you for taking some time out of your busy day to hear more about what the Democratic Party is doing to win the White House and seats up and down the ballot in the months and years ahead. The DNC is the only official party organization tasked with helping elect our eventual nominee to the White House, so your support today will make a tremendous difference in the outcome of the 2020 election cycle.

Thanks again for taking the time to read about what the DNC is doing to win in 2019, 2020, and the years ahead. I couldn’t be more grateful to have you on this team.

Yours in the fight,


Seema Nanda
Chief Executive Officer
Democratic National Committee

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