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The Supreme Court just dealt a huge blow to the Trump administration


The Supreme Court just dealt a huge blow to the Trump administration’s attempts to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. This morning they refused to give the administration the go-ahead to include the question — for now.

This ruling thwarts the desire of Trump and Republican leaders to turn the Census into another one of their partisan political tools and erode yet another pillar of American democracy.


But this fight likely isn’t over. While the court ruled that the administration’s explanation for including the question was inadequate, SCOTUS left the door open for the Commerce Department to provide another reason for adding the citizenship question to a lower court.


So we must continue to be vigilant. By committing to participate in next year’s census, Californians can defend our fair share of federal funding and our fair representation in Congress.



With your help, we’ll continue to build a network of partnerships with respected leaders and trusted voices in communities throughout the state to ensure that everyone in California has an opportunity to participate. 


Our mission is clear: California will continue to stand up for democracy, stand up for our families, stand up for communities and we will be counted.




Alex Padilla

Secretary of State