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With President Trump in California this week, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has made it absolutely clear that no matter how strong the headwinds from Washington become, he’s going to keep fighting to protect our California values of fairness and opportunity. And the media’s taking note of his legal efforts.

Just today, The Washington Post published an in-depth piece about his battles, shining a light on the work he’s doing to protect our families. We invite you to read the Washington Post’s piece here.

As the Washington Post put it:

Becerra has become a leader of the California resistance, the legal brain behind the state’s fight against the president’s policies on health care, the environment and most significantly, immigration. For Becerra, the son of immigrants and the state’s first Latino attorney general, this fight is both political and personal.

NBC News also has just published a piece here about Xavier’s fights, writing:

The chief executive born to power and luxury squares off against the son of blue-collar Mexican immigrants. Where Trump is unbridled, Becerra reins his words tightly. Where Trump’s personal life has been tabloid fodder, Becerra’s family life would be at home in a church circular. Trump has trouble waiting for colleagues, while Becerra often defers, particularly to California’s sometimes bombastic resistor-in-chief, Gov. Jerry Brown.

But to take our fights across the finish line, Xavier will need YOUR support! Can he count on you to stand with him — and vote for him — to continue as our Attorney General?

Thank You,

Team Becerra