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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



President Trump confirmed that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is planning deportation raids against immigrant families tomorrow.

According to news reports, the raids will likely take place in cities including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, and San Francisco.

If you are targeted by an immigration official, I want you to know that you have rights.

You can find more information about your rights and what to do if ICE is at your door here »

These planned raids are another prong in President Trump’s fear campaign against immigrant communities. Targeting people who have lived in our country for years and breaking apart families creates fear and mistrust. It does not make our communities safer.

As a career prosecutor, I’ve heard it countless times from law enforcement officials. When people fear reporting crimes due to their immigration status, real criminals aren’t brought to justice and our communities are less safe.

One of the best things we can all do right now is support the organizations doing the difficult work on the ground of protecting our immigrant communities.

If you’re able, please consider making a contribution today to groups doing critical work on the ground. Pitch in here to make a split contribution between National Immigration Law Center, The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, and United We Dream Action »

Your donation today will benefit the following organizations tirelessly fighting to bring justice to our immigrant communities:

  • National Immigration Law Center (NILC) is one of the leading organizations in the U.S. exclusively dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of immigrants with low income.
  • The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights is a human rights organization that advocates for the rights and best interests of immigrant children from all corners of the world.
  • United We Dream Action is the largest immigrant youth-led community in the country, committed to providing immigrant communities with reliable information and useful tools and advocating for immigration policy changes.

Thank you,

— Kamala Harris