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We know you’re getting so many messages like these, but this one is a little different in our opinion. Let us explain:

The truth is, Kamala needs allies at every level of government if we’re going to advance an agenda rooted in justice and equality.

That means electing strong leaders like Tony Thurmond as California’s next superintendent of schools. If you give us a second, we’d like to tell you a little bit more about Tony and why he deserves your support:

Tony has committed his life to ensuring no young person slips through the cracks. It’s a commitment that comes from Tony’s own childhood. His mother was an immigrant who came from Panama to San Jose, California, to teach. When she died of cancer when Tony was just six, he and his three siblings split up, and Tony and his brother moved to Philadelphia where they were raised by a cousin whom they had never met until they showed up on her doorstep.

It was Tony’s public school education that allowed him to overcome humble beginnings and inspired him to become a social worker, an educator, and eventually run for elected office. As a state legislator, Tony has fought tirelessly for California’s most at-risk kids. His legislation has expanded the free lunch program for 400,000 California kids, ensured undocumented children have health care, helped foster youth have money to go to college, and moved millions from California’s prisons directly to public schools to invest in programs that keep kids in schools and out of the criminal justice system.

Now Tony is running to lead California’s public education system as Superintendent of Public Instruction. Tony’s top priority is to increase funding for our public schools so that all of our kids can have highly trained, well-paid teachers, more counselors and school-based mental health services, and curriculum like the arts, computer science, and civics that will prepare them to be leaders in the 21st century.

Your donation of $3 or more could be the difference between victory or defeat for Tony’s campaign. Special interests have spent nearly $25 million to defeat him and he needs our help to fight back.

The next superintendent of schools in California is going to have tremendous influence in the future of our state. We need to make sure we have a leader here who is going to fight for our kids — and that’s why we’re asking you to support Tony’s campaign today.

Thanks for reading and standing with us,

— Team Kamala

“Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world.”
– Dolores Huerta