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We have a real opportunity right now in a Democratic primary to build a campaign from the grassroots up. And our grassroots movement will be our big advantage.
Warren for President

When we started this presidential campaign, I saw two options for how we could run it:

  1. Focus on building a grassroots movement entirely with grassroots donors and volunteers.
  1. Or spend a lot time with wealthy people behind closed doors, and then hope we have enough money to buy a bunch of TV ads right before voting starts.

For me, the choice was clear. I picked option #1.

Here’s what that looks like: I’m not doing any high-dollar private fundraisers with millionaires and corporate executives.

I don’t take any corporate PAC money, or PAC money of any kind. I don’t take any Washington lobbyist money. And I’m not out sucking up to a bunch of billionaires hoping that they’re going to run a Super PAC for me.

In other words, we’re running this movement with grassroots donors and grassroots volunteers. That makes your support even more powerfully important. If you think this is the best way to run a campaign, we need you to be in this fight — can you chip in right now?

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We have a real opportunity right now in a Democratic primary to build a campaign from the grassroots up.

And you know what? If we seize that opportunity, our grassroots movement will be our big advantage when we roll into the general election in 2020.

That means we’ll get a better chance at winning the White House.

We’ll be more ready to win up and down the ballot — to keep the House, get control of the Senate, and take back more state houses. When you build from the grassroots, it helps everybody who’s in the fight, not just in the presidential race.

Our grassroots movement will bring the energy we need to make big, structural change — the change we need so that someone like the guy in the White House never gets elected president again.

It’s the right way to run, and the best way to win. But person-to-person, face-to-face organizing takes real resources.

So what do you say? Can you pitch in $3 or whatever you can afford so we can keep growing our movement? Side by side, you and me — this is how we’ll win.

Thanks for being a part of this,


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