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Amy for America

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Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. That’s a lesson our country’s founders knew well. When they gathered to sign the Declaration of Independence they risked everything for the promise of America.

And it paid off — we became one nation bound together by a commitment that everyone is created equal.

We’ve sometimes fallen short of that promise, but over the decades and centuries, we’ve gotten closer and closer to making it a reality.

But right now, like many of you, I watch dismayed as the forces of division and hate try to convince us that our neighbors are our enemies.

Well, I believe there is still more that unites us as Americans than separates us. I’ve gone from state to state and town to town talking to people from all walks of life — they’re ready to move forward and keep making progress.

I mean it when I say I want to be a president for everyone.

As I’m celebrating today, I’ve been thinking about patriotism. I’ve been thinking about taking risks for something bigger than yourself. And I’ve been thinking that the work this team has done is yet another example of what we can do when we work together.

Happy Fourth of July,