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Here’s the truth: ever since Kamala became a leading voice against this Administration’s radical agenda, Republicans have been attacking her as part of a plan to silence her voice in the election.

A few months ago, it was Sean Hannity calling her “unhinged” for challenging Republicans for not protecting Dreamers from deportation.

This month it’s the NRSC — the organization responsible for electing GOP candidates to the U.S. Senate — attacking Tammy Baldwin for campaigning with Kamala just this past weekend.

And don’t get me started about the army of right-wing trolls and bots that tweet at Kamala every single day. It’s disturbing, to say the least.

Why is this happening? Because Republicans know how effective the movement we’ve built has become over the past year. They’ve watched us raise millions of dollars for Democratic candidates and fight back effectively against Trump’s agenda.

We cannot let them sideline Kamala or any of our voices in this election — can you pitch in and help us fight back today?

Add a donation to Kamala’s campaign before tonight’s deadline. We’re behind on our goals for the month and this moment is too important to fall short with control of the House and Senate on the line:

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation to Senator Kamala Harris will go through immediately:

express donate: $10

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express donate: $250 Or, donate another amount

There is a real choice in this election and even though Kamala isn’t on the ballot this year, our values are — and we need to fight for them.

Kamala is going to stay focused on doing her job and traveling the country to support our great candidates heading into November. She needs to know you will have her back in the face of these attacks.

Thanks for everything you do.

— Jenn

Jenn Liu
Finance Director
Team Kamala