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There’s a new video of Tulsi going viral — as we’re writing this email, it’s already been viewed by more than 200,000 people in a few days and it’s still gaining steam.

If you’ve ever wondered why the mainstream media covers Trump so positively when he’s advocating war — against Venezuela and now Iran — make sure you watch this new video.

Click here to watch Tulsi’s viral new video on the mainstream media’s role in today’s frenzy for war.


Since we invaded Iraq in 2003, the United States has spent trillions of taxpayer dollars on regime change wars around the world. These wars — in places like Iraq, Libya and Syria — have undermined our national security and dishonored the sacrifice of our troops. They have also caused the growth of terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda, and the suffering and displacement of millions in the countries where we wage these wars.

Now, as tensions between the US and nuclear armed countries like China and Russia continue to escalate, we find ourselves in the middle of a new Cold War and arms racethat’s getting hotter.

So why does Tulsi get smeared by the mainstream press when she calls out the war machine that’s running this country? And why are her calls to start a conversation about peace ignored?

The economics are simple: war gets eyeballs on screens, translating into more profit for the corporate media behemoths that dominate our airwaves. In a divided, partisan media environment, even the left-leaning corporate media loves war more than they hate Trump. When Trump starts beating the war drums in Venezuela and Iran, suddenly the coverage of him becomes fawning.

Tulsi can’t get fair coverage in this environment. That’s why we’re taking her message of peace directly to the people with videos like this.

Click here to join the tsunami of people watching and sharing Tulsi’s new video on the mainstream media, NeoLibs’ and NeoCons’ fascination with war.

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